Our Services

Internal Medicine

  • Basic medical examination 
  • Sonography (ultrasound)
  • ECG
  • Echocardiogramm
  • Long term ECG 
  • Long-term blood pressure measurement 
  • Lung function


  • Gynaecological basic examination
  • Treatment of gynaecological diseases
  • Pregnancy care
  • Conception counselling


  • Basic medical examination for children
  • Vaccinations
  • Checkups
  • Sonography including newborn hip sonography
  • Breastfeeding and nutrition advice


  • Basic + specialist medical examination
  • Sonography of the joints and soft tissues
  • Puncture, infiltration
  • Wound care


  • Dermatological basic examination
  • Diagnostics of:
    • Skin and venereal diseases
    • Allergies
    • Vascular diseases in the legs
    • Chronic wounds
  • Therapy of the above-mentioned diseases including removal of small superficial skin tumours such as warts or fibromas


  • Ophthalmological basic examination
  • Diagnostics of eye diseases
  • Eye test
  • Measurement of the eye pressure
  • Spectacle adaption


  • ENT basic examination
  • Specialist mirror examinations including loupe laryngoscopy
  • Hearing and vertigo examination
  • If necessary, hearing aid fitting


  • Neurological basic examination/therapy


  • Blood- and urine tests


  • Pain treatment
  • Fillings of all kinds
  • Tooth extractions
  • New production and repairs of removable dentures

Social Consultation

  • Residence law advice for third part countries
  • Application to health insurance companies
  • Support with family insurance for spouses, children and grandchildren
  • Cooperation with the Hamburg Clearing House for possible cost absorption of medical treatments
  • Only patients of the Praxis ohne Grenzen are counseled in the social counselling 

Diabetes Consultation

  • Diabetes advice (nutrition, exercise, medication, blood sugar)
  • Explanation of blood glucose monitoring and insulin injections
  • Counselling for gestational diabetes